Sunday, July 5, 2009

Road Trip to Michigan

Very Random

So I'm just sitting here and thought I would post a blog since I haven't for a little while. Well I was talking to some ladies at my church about different college classes because I want to explore my options before I trade my life over to one thing for the rest of my life. I thought about taking an economics class and then was told it was about math. First off I can't express to you how much I hate math!! This was a huge turn off for me and second off I felt like this kinda gave me a challenge. So then I thought about taking a political science class. A class that would help me understand how all that stuff goes down. It's nice to understand the government once in awhile and how to manipulative just like them. Political leaders have much power over people. My mom used to tell me that I was going to marry the President. I don't think I could handle all those pressures of being a First Lady. Though I won't complain about the beautiful house that I would get to live in! Last summer I did get the chance to go inside the White House. I went with some people from my high school choir. Most people sorta just walked right through it like it was just another house. I, on the other hand, walked very slowly and took everything in since we can't take pictures. It's like "hello this is the white house! Not a lot of people are priveledged enough to walk through this." It's so hard to get into the White House. I feel very happy being one of the few Americans who gets to have a tour through a very prestigious home.
So recently it's been cold here and just today it's starting to warm up and feel like summer again! It's just sad when it's the 4th of July and it doesn't feel like the 4th of July. Speaking of the 4th of July...I can't believe the summer is already half way over!!! I will be very happy to be heading back to Michigan, don't get me wrong, but I won't be looking forward to going back to classes and being poor again from paying off my school bill! I was recently looking at a calendar to see when my last day of work should be and I basically only have a month and a half of work before it's time for me to peace out of here forever! That's right FOREVER!!! It's kinda sad though that I will never call Forreston my home again. I grew up here and made a lot of memories here, but the place just isn't for me. I sure want my parents to realize it has nothing to do with the family just the fact that this place has nothing for me. Sorry if this post seems all over. I'm just writing stuff down as it comes to mind.
I wish times would jump back to the days when people didn't have to lock their doors and kids wanted to come back home. The times when you didn't worry about your kid and they always came home for dinner. I think the 60's ruined all the good things like that. Sorry I just have a little something against the 60's. It sure as hell wasn't the 50's
Well I think that's enough rambling for one post

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