Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I recently returned from a trip to Europe. It was the most amazing this I have ever seen in my entire life. I loved every minute of it
It got off to a rough start though. My cousin flew down to Chicago to pick me up and then we flew back to Minneapolis. He works for Northwest Airlines so airfare is very cheap or nothing for the both of us. It's pretty much amazing. So then the next day we were to fly to Amsterdam from Detroit. Well we pretty much weren't able to get onto any of the planes to Detroit. We got the last 2 seats available on the direct flight to Amsterdam to Minneapolis by the grace of God. We have to fly standby instead of already having seats. As you can see sometimes its pretty tough to get on a flight. Then when we get to Amsterdam are bags are not there because they are still in Detroit where they got on the plane that we were suppose to be on.
This city was such a crazy city and I didn't even experience it when the crazy people come out at night. The city was beautiful though. All the old buildings and the winding streets. The canals in the city were one of a kind as well. I got to see the Annex. This was the building where Anne Frank hid during WW2. The thing that got me the most though was the Red Light District. Seeing the prostitutes in the window was so crazy for me. I had never seen anything like it. Huge Shock. My cousin of course enjoyed himself a joint. He offered and I declined. This city is unlike anything else I've ever seen or anything I was yet to see in my adventure.
Berlin was beautiful. My cousin and I went to the Aquarium and saw some pretty cool fish. We walked around and saw some pretty cool buildings and museums. The coolest thing for me was seeing the Berlin Wall. It was so amazing looking at a piece of history that meant so much. Not that other pieces of history don't mean that much, but this was just so amazing! I got to touch it and stand there where people used to risk their lives to jump over that wall. It was just all right there in front of me. I also got to see an old building where Nazis used to meet. There were leftovers from New Years out in front of the building on the lawn. Germans can get pretty crazy :) Checkpoint Charlie was pretty cool too. It was the point where you would cross from the American Sector to the Russian Sector.
Oh Austria! It was so beautiful! I couldn't get enough of the place. My cousin and I just walked around and saw the Opera House and huge mansions that I just want to live in! It snowed a few days here which made it even more beautiful! Just a magical place. The wine isn't too bad either :)
This was the spot where they filmed the movie The Sound of Music. Adam and I took a tour that took you to all the sights. They were, in a word, magnificent! It was just amazing for me to see the places where Julie Andrews once stood. The tour also took us to some little towns outside of the bigger one. Oh, they are just gorgeous. I did some serious souvenir shopping here and it was so worth the wait of buying everything that I needed. I was able to see the place where Mozart grew up. That was pretty sweet. And then the castle looking out over the city was just amazing! I wanted to see the hideout for Hitler, but it was closed for the winter. Boo...
We didn't get much time here, but we did walk around the city that night for a little while. This city was the most business oriented. At least from what I could tell. The city was beautiful at night. This was also the place where I encountered my favorite beer. Strongbow! It was so wonderful! I kinda want more :)
The whole trip was a dream come true and I'm so glad my parents sent me! I would go back in a heart beat. But this is all for now


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I sometimes wonder if there is truly anyone out there reading this. I also wonder why I have a blog. Then I remember that I'm doing this for myself. Just to let things out and to help me to know what I'm thinking. Last night I went and saw the movie Julie and Julia. While watching the movie I thought to myself "I wish I had a blog like Julie did. Something with meaning and purpose." Julie had a reason to blog. I on the other hand didn't. Now, I know that this is truly just me. I don't care who reads this or what they think when they read it. At least, I know that 1 person is out there caring about this. And that person is the only one that truly matters. It's me.
Now onto something else. I have recently discovered that I have a love for the fashion world. I enjoy the things that you see the celebs wearing. I have made it my personal goal this year to try and look as chic as possible. I want to see if it somehow makes me feel better about myself. I know that in days before whenever I would wear something pretty, I would feel pretty about myself. I just want to see if somehow my attitude changes or if my feelings towards clothing changes. I am not doing this because I have low self esteem or anything. I'm just doing this because I love dressing up. Let's just see where this goes shall we.
Well that's it for today.

Lynnea Grace

Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 week Away

I now only have one week till I'm moving out of Illinois forever. It's kind of crazy to think about, but I'm getting more and more excited everyday. Today I went through and cleaned out my drawers of my desk, something that I rarely ever used. It was mainly stuffed full of junk that I didn't have space for anywhere else. I filled up a whole garbage bag worth of crap. Why the hell I had kept some of the stuff I have no idea, but I did. It's all in the dumpster now! It feels sort of liberating. Tomorrow I move onto my other drawers and the tops of my dressers. I have so much stuff people. My mother informed me yesterday she wants most everything out so my brother can move into my room. Great...
I also finished up my last day of work yesterday. Bittersweet because I love the people that I work with, but yet I'm still glad to just be able to get stuff done. Spend some good quality time with the family before I just up and leave them.
I was also just informed the once I turn 20, I no longer have dental insurance and have to pay for it myself. Wow, the real world is hitting me. It is very crazy how fast I seem to be growing up. Life will never be the same for me once I leave Illinois next week. I'll have my own apartment, be paying for my own dental stuff and making my own decisions for real.
It were times like these when I wish I had older siblings to help me along. I guess that's what God is for. He I know I can depend on. That's a very comforting thought.
I'm very happy that in only 8 days I'm going to be seeing all my friends again and most importantly Josh. I just can't wait to see his face again instead of just hearing his voice.
Well a lot of stuff has to get done in a short amount of time. Wish me luck!

Lynnea Grace

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's coming to an end...

So summer is slowly coming to a close. It seems like just yesterday that I was unpacking my stuff and now I'm packing it back up. Then for the last time I will be moving back up to Michigan. This is my last summer home, so I won't be moving back here. Anyways, as the summer rolled along, the better it seemed to get. I had a wonderful trip up to Michigan, some picnics, wonderful dates with my girls, movie nights, late nights and some good quality family time. There are going to be some things that I will miss, but I won't miss it enough to stay here and make me want to cry. Everyone is growing up and moving on and so am I. I was talking to someone last night and he told me that I'm probably going to end up back in a small town sometime in my life. I just don't see it right now. I love the big city of Grand Rapids and I don't ever want to leave it. I don't find myself bored there.
I have to say though that this summer has been a good one. I still wish that the summer had been spent up in G.R, but I enjoyed the time that I spend down here for the wonderful 4 months. Wow, crazy how I get 4 months off and my brother and sister only get 2! High school seems to be starting earlier and earlier these days. Krazy!
Well everyone enjoy the rest of your summer and keep having fun and living your life

Lynnea Grace

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Road Trip to Michigan

Very Random

So I'm just sitting here and thought I would post a blog since I haven't for a little while. Well I was talking to some ladies at my church about different college classes because I want to explore my options before I trade my life over to one thing for the rest of my life. I thought about taking an economics class and then was told it was about math. First off I can't express to you how much I hate math!! This was a huge turn off for me and second off I felt like this kinda gave me a challenge. So then I thought about taking a political science class. A class that would help me understand how all that stuff goes down. It's nice to understand the government once in awhile and how to manipulative just like them. Political leaders have much power over people. My mom used to tell me that I was going to marry the President. I don't think I could handle all those pressures of being a First Lady. Though I won't complain about the beautiful house that I would get to live in! Last summer I did get the chance to go inside the White House. I went with some people from my high school choir. Most people sorta just walked right through it like it was just another house. I, on the other hand, walked very slowly and took everything in since we can't take pictures. It's like "hello this is the white house! Not a lot of people are priveledged enough to walk through this." It's so hard to get into the White House. I feel very happy being one of the few Americans who gets to have a tour through a very prestigious home.
So recently it's been cold here and just today it's starting to warm up and feel like summer again! It's just sad when it's the 4th of July and it doesn't feel like the 4th of July. Speaking of the 4th of July...I can't believe the summer is already half way over!!! I will be very happy to be heading back to Michigan, don't get me wrong, but I won't be looking forward to going back to classes and being poor again from paying off my school bill! I was recently looking at a calendar to see when my last day of work should be and I basically only have a month and a half of work before it's time for me to peace out of here forever! That's right FOREVER!!! It's kinda sad though that I will never call Forreston my home again. I grew up here and made a lot of memories here, but the place just isn't for me. I sure want my parents to realize it has nothing to do with the family just the fact that this place has nothing for me. Sorry if this post seems all over. I'm just writing stuff down as it comes to mind.
I wish times would jump back to the days when people didn't have to lock their doors and kids wanted to come back home. The times when you didn't worry about your kid and they always came home for dinner. I think the 60's ruined all the good things like that. Sorry I just have a little something against the 60's. It sure as hell wasn't the 50's
Well I think that's enough rambling for one post

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